In-House Lab Services

North Houston Clinic offers a wide range of in-house diagnostic services, medication and injection treatments and vaccinations to help you monitor your health and assist in treatment procedures.

Antibiotic Injections

We offer antibiotic injections for severe conditions caused by bacterial infections. These usually require urgent treatment, such as in the case of life-threatening conditions like meningitis, endocarditis or sepsis.

Electrocardiogram (EKG)

Electrocardiograms are a way for your doctor to determine the health of your heart by observing and logging the rhythm and patterns of the heart muscles. When getting an ECG, a doctor will place electrodes on the patient’s chest and limbs and record the electrical signals for a period of time. This diagnostic technique can reveal the presence of cardiovascular disease, as well as any heart abnormalities that require further investigation.

Minor Surgical Procedures

North Houston primary care is better able to serve patients when they require minor surgical procedures. Procedures such as incisions, excisions, curettage and electrocautery can be performed with minimal risk and excellent outcomes in cases where the removal of lesions is required.

Rapid Strep Testing

Our rapid strep testing service for personal use and workplace compliance allows you to quickly and effectively check for the presence of a strep infection, without extended waiting for results. Rapid results mean you can spend time recovering and treating the infection.


Vaccination is a safe, proven and effective way of preventing the spread of communicable diseases and viruses such as mumps, measles and whooping cough. Immunization through vaccination is credited with eliminating viruses such as polio and smallpox, and reducing the spread of COVID-19 caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Blood Testing

North Houston Clinic performs routine blood work for patients, with a complete suite of blood tests available, including complete Blood Count (CBC) tests, metabolic and lipid test panels, thyroid hormone testing, glucose, and A1c testing.

Joint Injections

Joint or musculoskeletal injections can relieve pain and improve function in patients with inflammatory joint conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout, tendinitis, bursitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome, among others.

Rapid Flu Testing

We offer rapid flu testing for personal use and workplace compliance. The flu is contagious, and rapid testing allows you to find out if it’s affecting you and adopt the right treatment strategy faster than test results that require extended turnaround times for results.

Urine Analysis

Urinalysis involves chemical, microscopic and/or physical analysis of urine to better assist healthcare providers and individuals with diagnosis and treatment.